Sunday, 20 September 2009

Spring weddings...

... can be so unpredictable! Especially with Melbourne's weather... Don't get me wrong, I love our fair city, and wouldn't live anywhere else, but yes, our weather is very temperamental.

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of second shooting for Jessie at j [studios] and her new assistant Bree, and can I just say - I had a BALL! There was a lot of driving on the agenda, which would have been fine if we didn't get out to the beach for our shoot only to have to turn around and come back again because the heavens opened and we got absolutely drenched.

But nevertheless we got some awesome shots, had a ton of fun, and went home completely exhausted after a long day.

So here are some of the shots I got of the day of Chris and Kat's wedding. Jessie's photos can be found here: Jessie's blog

First up is the boss lady herself (just because she did it to me first :-p )

The bride and her girls:
IMG_1199 copy

IMG_1182 copy

The boys:
IMG_1369 copy

Some details:
IMG_1109 copy

IMG_1117 copy

IMG_1694 copy

Entering as a single woman, coming out as a wife (from the best seat in the house):
IMG_1434 copy

IMG_1535 copy

And the first dance:
IMG_1825 copy

IMG_1843 copy


gemma higgins-sears said...

amazing shots Mandy!! looks like a gorgeous wedding!!

jb said...

Mandy these are just AWESOME! SO glad you came along!!!

The Queen Bee said...

Wow, amazing stuff!

Renee Bell said...

gorgeous!!! they will love them I am sure

Dannii said...

Stunning shots there! I am sure the B&G will be very happy!

Katie Toland said...

what a brilliant job you did! I would be thrilled if these were my wedding photos. Well done :)