About me?

Well, I'm Mandy.
lover. dreamer. idealist.
mother. wife. sister. daughter.
passionate. creative. whimsical.
determined. loyal. patient.

A little bit tattooed. A little bit dorky.
I like to colour outside the lines.
I like faeries, kepwie dolls and roller skating.
I also like cows.

I'm a photographer of people.
Happy people. Joyful people. Animal loving people.
People in love.
Real people.
People just like you.

About you?

Are you a little bit quirky? A bit arty and a bit left of centre? Or even a bit geeky? Don't take yourself too seriously? Do you like to frolic and are you a little bit mischievous?

If so, we'll get along just fine :-)

(photo of me by my friend and totally awesome person, Daniel Price)