Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Time to say goodbye

It's been so long since I updated this blog that I'm not sure anyone will even see this post! But I need to post it anyway, for those that stumble across my website and can't figure out why I'm not answering emails and enquiries (thanks google for making it SO hard to remove my business from a search)... Relic Imagery has officially closed its "doors" to portrait and wedding shoots. I'm no longer taking bookings for either.


I have found a photographic passion that I am now trying to embrace. Music photography. It's always bubbled below the surface, I've always wanted to do it but never knew how. This year I have been given the opportunity to shoot a few gigs and I'm in love. It was the place I was meant to wield my camera, I know it, the dirty sweaty photographers pit right at the front of the stage - with sweat, drinks and other bodily fluids raining down. It (quite literally) rocks.

So if you'd like to keep up to date with my photography work, music and personal, you can head to my other blog and have a browse. I'd love to see you there. www.olivemandoza.blogspot.com

So, from me, thank you for the good times. Thank you for the learning curve. Thank you to the photography industry for being both a heartless bitch and a welcoming bosom. I've made some amazing friends from this journey and I wouldn't swap that for anything in the world. Onwards and upwards.

Peace, out. xox

Sunday, 3 July 2011


That was the word Sharon used to describe the images she wanted of her children. Soulful, timeless black+whites. She took me to her and her family's favourite chill out spot, nicknamed Brekky Rock as they sometimes take their breakfast down there and just relax and enjoy each others company.

Sometimes the planets align to bring a session like this to fruition. Beautiful kids who knew exactly what their Mum wanted and were open to trying something new for me; a stunning location (right outside my back door, and one that I will definitely visit again); and a burning intensity inside me to create some of the most amazing images I have ever created so far.

To say that I am happy with these images is an understatement. They are, quite seriously, some of my most favourite photographs I have ever captured. Ever.

Enjoy these Sharon. And I extend a deep thanks to you for sharing your special spot with me. I promise to look after it xxx

Friday, 24 June 2011

Kristy & Jarrod...

A beautifully intimate wedding, filled to the brim with love, joy and laughter. And a few tears. It was an emotionally charged day, and it was so hard to remember to work and not sit and laugh/cry along with everyone else.

I send a huge and special thank you to Janet from Hyggelig and Storytellers Photography who shot with me and was such an amazing support for me on the day, after what had been an extremely hard personal week. Thank you Janet, with all sincerity and grace.

Kristy and Jarrod, I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon! And I especially hope you love your images as much as I do.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Joelle & Stuart...

Ahhh. Love it when two people so obviously adore each other. The cheeky grins, the happy tears, the tender touches they give each other.

Joelle and Stuart were married last weekend down in Torquay after a short, but sweet, engagement. They've known each other a while, and you know how it is when two people are so perfect for each other even their friends can't remember a time when they were apart. Well, this is them.

Two gorgeous people, inside and out. I feel so very lucky to have been a part of their day.

Thank you Jo and Stu, enjoy your honeymoon xxx

PS- Thank you also, to my gorgeous sister assistant/second shooter for the day, Jenna. A great support, travel buddy and pick-me-up when I needed it xxx

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Hello friends! The blog has been a bit quiet of late... because I've been so busy! We've had Easter, birthdays, weddings and all manner of craziness in this house lately, it feels like I've finally had a chance just this week to sit down and get a blog post ready.

So here is little Oscar. He was the sweetest little man, and even though he was teething and - according to Mum and Dad - quite miserable, I still thought he was a divine little dude. I had a bunch of fun hanging out with him on a sunny Autumn afternoon.

His Mum and Dad's house (backyard in particular) was so gorgeous and quirky, and I could have spent many more hours exploring and photographing their knick-knacks, but they weren't real great for a 6 month old to explore, so I've promised to come back when he's a bit older and have some great adventures with him!