Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Hello friends! The blog has been a bit quiet of late... because I've been so busy! We've had Easter, birthdays, weddings and all manner of craziness in this house lately, it feels like I've finally had a chance just this week to sit down and get a blog post ready.

So here is little Oscar. He was the sweetest little man, and even though he was teething and - according to Mum and Dad - quite miserable, I still thought he was a divine little dude. I had a bunch of fun hanging out with him on a sunny Autumn afternoon.

His Mum and Dad's house (backyard in particular) was so gorgeous and quirky, and I could have spent many more hours exploring and photographing their knick-knacks, but they weren't real great for a 6 month old to explore, so I've promised to come back when he's a bit older and have some great adventures with him!


Melanie Kellermann said...

These are just precious! You have captured this family so well, they will treasure these for ever!

Nicole Ramsay said...

Oh how cute is he! Such lovely memories. Gorgeous.

Belinda Cook said...

I agree, awesome location to shoot in! Gorgeous family and I love the B&W's at the end.

djbphotography said...

Aww, what a little cutie. Gorgeous images. The first one with the mirror is genius!