Friday, 15 April 2011

Casting Call - family #1

Meet Sarah and Paul and their 2 little munchkins, the first photoshoot for our recent casting call!

We had a really special morning chilling out at Coburg Lake, feeding the ducks, playing in the playground and hanging out together. This is what I love about my new lifestyle photoshoots... I feel like I'm part of the family, enjoying getting to know families in a much more holistic way than previously. I spent a couple of hours with these guys, but we could have quite easily have kept going for another 2.

Considering the fam had just come home from a trip to NZ the night before and were a bit jetlagged and on NZ time still, the kids were in fabulous spirits and never stopped running the whole time I was there (especially Alice!)... I do hope they both had a restful afternoon.

Thanks again Sarah and Paul, for answering the casting call for families. Enjoy your preview x

Firstly, just as we started, we had a short sharp shower - so we all huddled undercover while it passed!

 How cool is this bridge?


Oh! These park benches were like banana lounges!

So, mum forgot the bread for the ducks. But no matter! There was Cruskits! And not many ducks!

Off to the playground.


Lauren said...

oh mandy they are so beautiful. and knowing the family in question i reckon you captured them perfectly! cant believe how big Liam is now!!

cazz said...

Perfect session Mandy...I love the 'huddled under the blankets' shot!

amanda said...

I bet they are going to remember this day for a while, it looks like they had such a great time... and then they'll have beautiful images to remember it forever!

Whint said...

just lovely, such fun :)

Anonymous said...

mandy i love the family connection in these, i love the black and white swinging family shot.. such a cool perspective.... well done.. Tanya

IamMel said...

What a beautiful session with beautiful children!

Josh said...

Love them!