Monday, 21 September 2009

Those little newborns get me every time...

... CLUCK CLUCK!! I swoon and cluck over them, admire their little chubby (or not so chubby) legs, the sounds they make when they're feeding, the amazing eye contact, the way they'll hold your finger, their little startle reflex (oh man, that's cute)... And then they cry. And I thank the Universe that I can hand them back, lol!!!

This little cherub last week was oh so adorable. I've known his parents for a very long time, but we haven't seen each other since school so it was ace to be able to catch up, chat about old days, and compare notes on our kids. Fun fun. And teeny little Jayden was such a good sport, even though he was exhausted, he still gave us some lovely smiles and eye contact and I think he enjoyed kicking back in the beanbag.

Maria and Lee, thanks SO much for allowing me to capture some shots of your family. It really was so nice to see you both again. Enjoy your preview :-D


We had a bit of trouble pinning big brother Anthony down, but we got there eventually! Have a look at those eyes... wowsers!
0197 copy

Baby Jayden:
Bebe in a basket!

Little boy blue

And I love how this shot shows a little snippet of family life - the bubba cries and all eyes just naturally go there and try to help, it's adorable:
0218 copy


Sharon said...

Absolutely beautiful, Mandy! I love the first shot of the older boy, and the basket shot is gorgeous!

Jac said...

No I'm not tearing up...stop looking at me like that! :) You've done it again, capturing the moment perfectly! Maria and Lee's family = Gorgeousness itself