Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday Sun

One thing I absolutely adore about my job is seeing families grow and change from one session to the next. Seeing little kids go from shy toddlers to outgoing little pre-schoolers with more personality than I thought was possible for small children!

Regardless of the fact that I know this family really well, I'm still constantly surprised by how much the kids have grown... Paisley off to school next year, and Kirrilly conquering the known universe ;-)

This is seriously one of my most favouritist sessions ever (yes, it is a word. In the dictionary of Mandy - look it up!). Enjoy this preview Brooke and Rob, I was giggling so much at these images of your girls, they are awesome to the max. Love you guys xox


Chrissy Torney said...

Oh I do love the last 2 images of the series!! Awesomeness (yes it's a word in my dictionary!)

Belinda said...

Wow to how they have grown, beautiful pics :)

Janet Palmer said...

Gorgeous :)