Sunday, 10 October 2010

Elaine + Kris = *bliss*

Hello friends!

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the intimate and gorgeous wedding of Elaine and Kris. Two of the sweetest and genuinely nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The sun was shining, the bride was stunning, the groom was doting and every.single.person there was having a ball.

You know how sometimes things are just perfect, and everything seems right with the world? Yesterday when Elaine and Kris said their vows and signed their marriage certificate, the Universe was smiling. And so was I.

Enjoy these. Much love and happiness to you both E and K xox


This photo is the epitome of the day. E and K cracking each other and everyone else up!


Christine said...

gorgeousness... you did magically! :) xoxo

Kim Selby said...

Stunning Mandy, each image is beautiful! Wonderful job xx

Anonymous said...

What a classy, gorgeous bride. Simple elegance. Nice work Mandy!

Amy said...

such lovely photos Mandy. You are stellar at capturing the magic of the day xxxx

gemma higgins-sears said...

gorgeous work Mandy!!!
stunning couple! Congrats!
(the new blog looks awesome too!)