Sunday, 24 October 2010

Love is love is love

Regardless of your race, yes? Regardless of your religious beliefs, yes? Regardless of your sexual orientation? Apparently not legally in this country. Which is a crying shame. Especially when you witness something as pure and real as I did yesterday. I was so, so, so blessed to witness the commitment ceremony of Chris and Kibare in a small and intimate party at the gorgeous Victorian in Albert Park. During their vows there was not a single dry eye in the house nor did the smiles leave anyone's faces. It was an emotional and poignant day for everyone present, and I personally think of it as a wedding to remember.

Thank you ever so much Chris and Kibare, for allowing me to witness your special day. I feel so privileged to have been there to document your union. Enjoy your honeymoon! xox

I feel so passionate about legalising same-sex marriage in Australia. Please go here to read more:


Caroline Fogg said...

I am doing my first same sex (females) marriage next year and I simply can not wait. I know it will be real and pure and amazing. You have done an awesome job Mandy. How spunky are they!

casso said...

Great photos and yes, same sex marriage is just such a no brainer for me. Love is love!

Natalie Davies said...

Yay, congratulations Chris and Kibare you guys look awesome and so happy. Best wishes together for your future :) Beautiful shots too Amanda.

Rana Rankin said...

Awesome! Hopefully one day people will see same sex marriages for what they really are..... no different from any other marriage, 2 souls in love, joined together, everyone deserves this right.
Congratulations Chris and Kibare, may you be blessed with all the happiness in the world :)

Jo ashworth said...

Love is love hey! And your photos captured this beautifully Mandy. Great job and big congrats guys

Sally Williams said...

Love it, what a gorgeous location and day. They look so besotted with each other. Great work Mandy xx

Cazz said...

Oh have done such a fabulous job, capturing this very special day. The emotion in your photographs brought tears to my eyes...congratulations.
Best wishes to the happy couple...I too, hope same sex couples will enjoy the same privileges as the rest of our community.
Beautiful, beautiful work.

Melody G said...

Oh WOW Mandy. I have been waiting to see these.

Just amazing. Your message is so beautiful too.

All the best for an awesome life to Chris & Kibare!

Kim Selby said...

Wonderful job Mandy. These photos are stunning as are the couple. I totally agree with your words - love is love alright. xx

Anne-Marie said...

As always you've captured the day beautifully Mandy :)

Christine said...

couldn't agree more, gorgeous girl. love IS love. you captured these perfectly. :)

Ellen said...

Gorgeous Mandy!! Would have been a wonderful wedding to photograph, how lucky are you! xo