Saturday, 16 January 2010

Jan PAD - day 13, 14, 15 & 16...

Halfway there :-D This photo-a-day project is really showing how boring my life is huh??

Day 13 - got home from the Creative Photo Workshop at 11pm and promptly remembered that I hadn't taken my PAD!!! Eek. So I snuck into Ivy's room with a torch and snapped this one while she slept soundly, bless her:
Jan PAD - 13/31

Day 14 - A boring day at home for me and Ivy while Elliot was still away. We didn't do much at all, but had a nice girly day at home painting our nails and reading books. I love these ones of her "reading". Early reading is a real treat to witness.. she babbles away to herself, pointing at the words etc.:
Jan PAD - 14/31

Day 15 - My boy and his big cuz came home from the country. All four cousins had a fun evening frolicking together, chasing kangaroos etc:
Jan PAD - 15/31

My kids:
Jan PAD - 15/31

My niece and nephew:
Emma and Tommy

Day 16 - we had some visits from old and very dear friends today. This gorgeous girl is currently living with her equally gorgeous new husband in Germany, but they've been here for a few weeks visiting family and friends. Mario flew back to Germany today, while Layla has a couple more weeks in Australia. We had a lovely relaxing morning eating pancakes, drinking tea and playing Uno. I'll miss her terribly when she leaves again, but thanks to facebook she's never too far away:
Jan PAD - 16/31

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Jac said...

Wow. Farout brussel sprout, you really are fabbo, stop it!! never ever stop. the one of the 4 kids walking hand in hand makes me want to do a Branjelina and go buy some bubbas just to photograph. Is that ethical? teehee