Saturday, 23 January 2010

Jan PAD - day 17 & 18

Yes, I know I'm behind in blogging these... I've been really slack with my personal editing, mainly because I'm using a new program which I'm still learning, but also because said program is making my computer lag sooo badly it's driving me crazy.

So here we are, day 17 and 18!! We're on the home stretch!!

We had a family photoshoot with the wonderful Caspix on the Sunday, and it consumed all my energy thinking about the outfits, the weather, meeting Cas and not fainting with excitement, that I forgot to do my photo. So I took these as the kids were going to bed, lol.
Jan PAD - 17/31
Jan PAD - 17/31

Day 18, we played Bingo. Elliot won. Twice.
Ivy got grumpy because we wouldn't let her play, so after we'd finished we let her tip all the balls out and put them away again... She thought that was way funner anyway.
Jan PAD - 18/31

And later on...
Elliot got a remote control car for xmas. Which was crap. Actually it was beyond crap, and we promptly returned it. Then Matt spent the next 2 weeks scouring the internet for one that would actually work. It arrived on the 18th, Elliot had a quick play before he went to bed, and proceeded to drive it into the walls, the dog, his sister and himself. I'm not sure who had more fun, Elliot or his dad.
Jan PAD - 18/31

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