Thursday, 3 September 2009

Sunny Sunday morning...

The last preview from my weekend shoots! (Told ya I was busy!) I had a heap of fun chasing 4yo Cooper and his (almost) 1yo sister Ellie around. Cooper was the master of the cheesey grin, but we did manage to get a few natural shots of him, and I think you'll agree that he's a big spunk! And well, what can I say about Miss Ellie - what a little doll! She was such a trooper. I had a lot of fun with both kids.

Megan, enjoy your preview! I'll be in touch again soon.


0027 copy

0351 copy

0105 copy

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Megan said...

Thanks Mandy, Love the photos to bits especially ellies dribble shot get ready for an influx of mothers wanting kid shots in Sunbury lol.