Friday, 28 August 2009


Yay! My first set of twins to photograph, the gorgeous 18-months-old Ella and Keira. Oh my, they were so awesome. I had a lot of fun chasing them around and trying to get their attention, dancing to the Wiggles, throwing balls. It was a total blast. But hard work. I take my hat off to any parent of multiples, you do a fabulouso job.

Enjoy your sneak peak Caren, and travel safely home. I'll be in touch soon.


Ella (lol, I couldn't resist posting this one - what a cack!):
0041 copy

0024 copy


0047 copy

And how cute is this? Both girls sitting in a toy box playing with their Night Garden toys. Precious. (My 15-month-old is particularly taken with this photo - I keep having to sing the Iggle Piggle song to her when she sees it, heh heh):
0283 copy

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