Sunday, 16 August 2009

Some of my fam...

Last weekend my in-laws came over and I tried to get some nice family shots of them all, and also of the four cousins together. To say it was difficult to capture my niece and nephew is a total understatement!! Why would it be harder to take photos of the people that I love? Meh, I have no idea, it just it! But anyway, I got some goodies, and I hope to get some more great ones of the cousins while we're all away together on the weekend.

First up is Tommy, doing his Rockstar! pose.

20090809_IMG_7732 copy

Emma and Tommy:

20090809_IMG_7755 copy

The fam:

20090809_IMG_7825 copy

20090809_IMG_7843 copy

The cousins:

20090809_IMG_7907 copy

20090809_IMG_7866 copy

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Jo Ashworth said...

gorgeous Mandy, absolutely love the ones of your inlaws from a far, especially the ones with them running, fatnastic!