Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Firecracker and the Chubby Bubby...

On Monday I headed out to see a family for a session with their 6 month old chubby bubby, B, and their other son, 2 year old D.

Wowee, D was such a firecracker!!! He just did not stop going the whole time I was there. It was hard to pin him down, but I got a few good shots of him exactly as he is and I had an absolute blast with him. It was so nice to gain his trust and we played lots of fun games (especially grass hats - I was still pulling the grass out of my hair the next day, lol).

Baby B was a gorgeous little boy, so happy to be placed and moved. And a great age too, because he couldn't escape, haha.

Alison and Dave, enjoy your preview. Thanks so much for inviting me into your lives, and I'll be in touch very soon when your gallery is ready.


0341 copy

0139 copy


0279 copy


Ellen said...

All great shots Mandy! Especially love the family one, and the colour one of Baby B with the colourful beanie on. SO cute. xo

Jo Ashworth said...

Lovely Mandy - the one of bubby in the beanie is a sand out winner, hope mum and dad order this one huge :-)

Brooke said...

Some great shots in there! Love the brotherly love in the last one. Lucky mum and dad will be looking forward to their full gallery no doubt.

Miss Kooky said...

There's just something so gosh darn edible about fluffy bubby hair! I reckon you captured the lil firecracker's personality just perfect in that cheeky blushing shot!

cazz said...

LOVE the shot in the basket...I can almost hear him laughing! Gorgeous work!

Renee Bell said...

great shots.. love the beannie one ;-)