Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Everybody needs good neighbours...

These 2 total spunks are neighbours and I spent a lovely afternoon with them and their mums; playing, gasbagging, drinking tea... oh and taking photos.

8 month old Eden is WALKING (yes - you read right!) so his shoot turned out to be a bit more difficult than I would normally expect for an 8 month old, but I managed to get some really lovely shots of him playing and toddling around.

5.5 month old Julia happily layed about for me and posed without running away. She has the biggest eyes ever - and so sparkly.

How beautiful are they?! I imagine they'll get into quite a bit of mischief together as they get older! :-)

Thanks so much Jade and Erica for yesterday. You guys are a hoot and I had so much fun. I hope you enjoy your preview.


20090728_0059 copy

20090728_0415 copy

20090728_0471 copy

20090728_0259 copy

20090728_0241 copy


Renee Bell said...

oohhh they are cuties!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous happy little munchkins! Love their pics :)

Anonymous said...

oh love those eyes.. amazing lashes too.. nicely done... tanya

Narrelle MCCrum said...

Oh - what beautiful little bubbas!
These are such gorgeous captures. Love them. x

jade said...

Thank you so much Amanda. Erica and I are so pleased. You did a great job. I know your buisness is going to be a huge sucess. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics!