Wednesday, 27 May 2009

And some more...

From the family session on the weekend. I don't know how I managed it, but somehow I convinced the boys to climb a tree! Heh heh.

These guys were all such good sports. It's great fun playing with adults who aren't afraid to be a bit adventurous (or dare I say it, DAGGY) in the name of art. It makes my job feel like it isn't really a job at all, but playtime.

So thanks again gang. Gallery will be up soon.


IMG_0038 copy

IMG_0011 copy

IMG_0133 copy


Brooke said...

The blog's been pretty quiet, so its nice to see some new stuff. Lovely family. The mum and daughter in the middle of the last shot have the same smile ... cute!

Anne-Marie said...

They look great Mandy! love the black and white one of the family with the boys up the tree... and the one of the boys up the tree lol, great idea that was! Looking forward to seeing the rest!

Louise Treacy said...

Well done getting them to climb that tree for something different!

Dani said...

Mandy your website is wonderful!!!!
You have done some awesome shoots recently, keep up the good work!

Kristen Cook said...

Great family images Mandy!