Friday, 27 August 2010

Happy little Holly | Melbourne child photographer

My little buddy is 9 months old! A total chub-chub, a flirt, a groover and a little treasure. I'm loving our 3 monthly sessions, it's so ace to see how she's changing and growing.

Today's session was supposed to be an outside concept shoot, but those of you in Melbourne know how impossibly our weather has been lately. Just so unpredictable and honestly quite a bit loopy, so we stayed indoors today. We have our fingers crossed for some pleasant weather on Tuesday (please weather gods, please?!?), so stay tuned for that session.

I have so many precious shots of my little Holly dolly that I love from today! Enjoy these xox

How special are these? Holly's Pop Pop came around for a little visit, I just had to capture their special bond - look at that eye contact, she adores him! <3


Jayne said...

These are beautiful Mandy. What a gorgeous little special to have captured her with her Pop Pop :)

Kelly said...

I can't decide what I love most - those eyes and lashes or the divine wardrobe (oh to have a girl!). The photos with Pop Pop are family treasure though. Hmm...

kylie said...

Gorgeous work. She is a doll ! So tender and lovely.

Danielle said...

awwww Mandy she is the cutest EVER!!!!
adore her little outfit, smiles and lashes.
and the ones with pop, oh my...makes me all teary!
gorgeous work hun xx