Saturday, 27 March 2010

Amy + Brendan - THE WEDDING! (part 1)

Super dooper quick sneaky peek, I desperately need to go to bed!!!! More photos to come tomorrow, but for now, here is a couple to whet your appetite.

(Yes, I cried. Again.)

Amy and Brendan, you guys are awesome and deserve every.single.happiness. Mwah x



Janet Palmer said...

Love the red! Everyone looks gorgeous, esp the lil bubbas...

What a great view over the city!

Awesome Mandy looks great so far :oD

Amy & Brendan said...

Mandy, They are amazing! Loveeeee the photo on the rooftop and the one of the bridal party. Thank you sooo so much!! xoxo

cazz said...

wow - mandy you have done a stiunning job, can't wait to see some more! I LOVE the group shot!