Sunday, 7 February 2010

Photo Business Bootcamp

This past week I had the amazing opportunity to co-host Liana Hall's Photo Business Bootcamp here in Melbourne. Three days of soul-searching, business planning, number crunching, photographing, laughter and tears. I had an amazing time and feel so very privileged to have been a part of it and to have the opportunity to meet Liana, who is not only a fabulous photographer and awesome business woman, but also a truly lovely person.

A massive thanks and shoutout to my fellow biz bootcamp survivors: Jessie - co-host and amazing friend, Hannah, Hayley and Rita for sharing your stories and allowing me to get to know you. I had a great time with you all.

On the last day we went into the city to shoot a high fashion bridal session with the beautiful Sarah, and also Jessie's daughter Chelsea. An awesome way to finish an inspiring and eye-opening 3 days.


Rita said...

Oh Mandy these photos are awesome! It was a blast hanging out with you this past weekend. You are such a beautiful person. I wish nothing but all the success in the world. Now with your new found knowledge, you are armed and dangerous girl. You can take on the world! :)

Pam said...

Gorgeous, very professional looking shots. Love them...hard to pick but if I had to, I would say my favorite of the 'bride' would be the last colour one, and the b&w of the young girl. You're going great guns Mandy, love your work.