Friday, 8 January 2010

Jan PAD - day 7 & 8

Yesterday the "cherubs" were playing together outside, when littlest "cherub" demands a swing. As per usual. Can't go outside without it... I thought, cool - here's my PAD... And it was totally fine, until E-man decides that he has to get in on the action. As per usual. And what started as something funny, turned into screaming and "noooo" from the little one, and back to fun again.

Siblings. *rolleyes*
Jan PAD - 7/31

Jan PAD - 7/31

Jan PAD - 7/31

And then today, E-man decided to put on a show. He made tickets for everyone, including his stuffed toys which were lined up in a row to watch the spectacle. The show was neatly scheduled between 5:35pm and 6:16pm to fit in with his favourite shows on telly. Here is his schedule. Food (ie- snacks fetched by Mummy) was served at 5:15pm, I think he wanted lollies, but he got grapes (heheh). His guest list included his Mum and Dad, sister Ivy, Avie the dog and Ernie the turtle, as well as his Boohbah friends...

And here are the kids putting on the show, the song in question was Wolfmother's 'Joker and the Thief':

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