Monday, 25 January 2010

Jan PAD - day 23 & 24

Up to date! Phew!!!!

Day 23 - Ivy decided it was pants off Saturday, and ran around for hours in the nud. Then when Elliot wanted to paint, of course she did too.... And still didn't want any clothes on! Most of my photos of her aren't really suitable for the net, due to said pants being off, but here are my kidlets enjoying the saturday sunshine doing some painting:
Jan PAD - 23/31
Jan PAD - 23/31

Day 24 - Elliot went to have ANOTHER sleep over, this time at his cousin's house. I took this photo of him just before I was going home, and he barely had time to stop having fun to say goodbye to me...
Jan PAD - 24/31

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Anonymous said...

Lovedy Love Love these photos Mandy!- Lara