Monday, 16 November 2009

Gorgeous kids make my job a breeze!

Like, seriously... This was one of the easiest and funnest shoots I've had. This bunch of kids are cousins, who are big enough to assemble easily, but still young enough (for the most part) to laugh at fart jokes (heheh).

Add to the mix that they were all total spunks, and the awesomely colour co-ordinated outfits - well, I think I'll let the pics do the talking!!!

Thanks Bree... I hope all the cousins (and their mummas) love their photos, and I'll be in touch soon xox

0241 copy
(How did I manage to find autumn colours as we head into summer?!?!? Love.)

0217 copy

0052 copy

0011 copy


cazz said...

Yep - they are seriously gorgeous...and you have taken seriously gorgeous shots of them! Beautiful pics mandy!

nicolepearcephotography said...

I'm so impressed with your autumn looking summer photos! looks like it was a great fun shoot. Love the colours.

Peta said...

So sweet. I love your black and whites.

Merryn Gomez said...

lovely images, what beautiful colours, I wish I could find them still!

iamMel said...

Your colours are so bright and yummt! I adore these pics.

Narrelle said...

How gorgeous are these kids! Great job, Mandy. They really are beautiful. Lovin the colours too. :)

Christine Pobke said...

These are beeeeauuuutiful!!! :) What vibrant colours and happy kiddies!!! :)