Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Cheeky chops!

Don't be deceived by the gorgeousness of these guys... They're very cheeky underneath those innocent grins!!! I've known their Dad for a long long time, and even though I don't get to see them all that often, I've known these kids since they were born... Imagine how flabbergasted I was when I realised the twins were almost 7!!!!! *gasp*

Here are two little tidbits you may be interested in...
1) A sure-fire way to get a young man of 7 or 9 to giggle is to ask about his girlfriend. Or girlfriends.
2) A sure-fire way to get ME to giggle is to start your email with "Kick it white girl". BWAHAHA!! Many (many) moons ago I was a little bit into (read: obsessed) with Vanilla Ice (anyone who laughs is dead meat) and it was a bit of a running joke between Don and I that was long forgotten.

Enjoy your preview guys. I'll be in touch again soon.


DDP0009 copy

DDP0036 copy

DDP0046 copy

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Hannah said...

These are really lovely, Mandy. Really fresh and crisp - and the kids are cute as buttons! xx