Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Christmas Countdown...

Is well and truly on!!! Like most photographers (and indeed all professions) this is a crazy busy time of year for me. I have a stack of clients wanting sessions and prints for Christmas, which is totally cool, but I've now well and truly booked myself out.

I still have a couple of sessions available before I take a break from sessions during December, but I now have no Christmas sessions available. Get in quick (super dooper quick) if you want a session with lil ol' me before 2010 :-D

(you know you want to!)

Soooooo. That brings me to the entire point of this blog post!! This is a very dear friend and her family, who, like I mentioned above, are after some family portraits for the Grandies as Chrissy presents. We also managed to drag Sarah's sister along for a sibling shot (which I LOVE - and I'm sure their folks will too) - even though she was *ahem* slightly under the weather due to a big day at the races the day before, heheh.

Sarah and Grant - thankyou so so much for allowing me to capture these shots for you. The rest of your gallery will be up in a couple of days.

Big love xox

SF_0089 copy

I just lurve family shots like this!! So not perfect, so crazy, but so EXACTLY like a real family!!! Bless <3

SF_0245 copy

SF_0063 copy

SF_0175 copy

SF_0040 copy


Natalie said...

Good on your for being booked out. Love the last shot of mum and daughter, it will be treasured forever.

Jen Stocks said...

Yes, yes... Busy time alright! These are just fantastic. I know what you mean about family photos being imperfect - it makes them so real, so ... perfect..

gemma Higgins-Sears said...

love that cheeky image with the blocks in the background!!! stunning work!!

Lana said...

what a great idea, love the realness of these - and the family shots! gorgeous work

Susan Wall said...

The 2nd shot is awesome!