Saturday, 10 October 2009

Canola Canola - we love Coca Cola!

(Sorry, it's an in-joke... Tee hee hee, you get it though Flea, right??)

I am catching up with a whole bunch of work that I have sitting here staring at me in the face! Eek! This post is a bit delayed (sorry Julie, I know you've been itching to see them!), and I would have had it up earlier this evening if it wasn't for an unfortunate hour of one of my kids up sick...

Anyhoo, I digress... I had a totally fantastic spring shoot a little while ago. I was driving out to meet Julie and her kids and drove past the most amazing canola fields. I mentioned it when I arrived and Julie went over to check it was ok with the farmer... Not only was it ok, but she took us out to a back paddock and opened the gate for us and all. It was better than awesome!

So here are a few shots from our session. It was hard to only pick a couple, but here they are! Enjoy!!

JD_0124 copy

JD_0282 copy

JD_0088 copy

JD_0369 copy

Julie, let me know what you think of this editing. I love it, but realise it's not to everyone's taste.
JD_0328 copy

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LK said...

Love your processing of these images!