Saturday, 4 April 2009

Miss Tilly...

My friend's precious baby is now almost 4 months old! I had another shoot with her last week and can't believe how big she's gotten in just a few weeks. She's really comfy on her tummy and smiles and goos all the time. I love this age, they really start to show their own personality and are more settled. And so cute.

So here is the adorable Matilda. Thanks Narelle. I'll be in touch soon when your gallery is ready. Mwah xox


0045 copy

0009 copy

0063 copy


LK said...

These are lovely Amanda! Such a beautiful baby too.

Natalie said...

she is adorable, wonderfully captured.

Sharon said...

These are fantastic, Mandy!

So what state was the flower in by the end of it? lol

Narelle said...

Once again absolutely gorgeous Mandy. Thank you so have our family and friends adoring your photos and they will be treasured forever xoxo

Renee Bell said...

awww lvoe the all.... gorgeous