Saturday, 4 April 2009

BFF and the fam...


I photographed my most excellent friend and her family today. I was a bit nervous I have to admit, I wanted to do really well on this shoot for my friend, plus I think she had very high expectations of me. Although she convinced me not to stress and I didn't and I really enjoyed myself.

Her daughters are such effervescent and funny kids, and knowing them as well as I do meant it was really easy to gain their trust and get them to do all kinds of fun stuff.

I had a ball (and I really mean that Brooke). And I got heaps of great shots. And I'm now very relieved lol.

Brooke and Rob, thankyou so much for believing in me and trusting me with your family happy snaps. I hope you enjoy them.


0104 copy

0240 copy

0017 copy

0189 copy


LK said...

Beautiful family! Cute girls.

Sharon said...

Very cute! I love the first shot of them together.

Melissa Stampa said...

I love the one of them all in the grass and the one of K is just perfect. The colours are wonderful. You've done fantastic, my friend.

Renee Bell said...

gorgeous smiles!!!!
Love the family shot ;-)

Anonymous said...

You do realise that I am not satisfied with a sneak peek and now all I can think about is 'when am I going to see the rest?!?!'. Love you, you did great (exactly as I knew you would! High expectations, bah!).