Friday, 18 June 2010

Amazing Gracy

My poor little blog has been somewhat neglected over the last month (somewhat meaning totally), but what a way to get back to blogging. Look at little Gracy... is she not the sweetest lil babe you ever did see?! Her mum and dad are wanting lots of black and white images, but I couldn't resist processing a few in colour... She has the most beautiful skin, and the soft colours really suit her!

And before you decide that, yes she is the cutest thing ever, get a load of big sis Sienna! What a star! So gorgeous, and so helpful, and such a good singer and joke teller... We've promised to work together again soon, lol.

Enjoy these C and E... I hope they do your gorgeous daughters justice.


1 comment:

gemma higgins said...

she is gorgeous! Love the black and white image... beautiful!