Friday, 12 March 2010

Wide angle love | Melbourne child photographer

Today Sharon and I went location scouting and headed to a spot she's been wanting to check out. Well, as it just so happens, I wanted to test out my BRAND SPANKING NEW LENS. What's that you say? What lens could make you so excited that you'd shout it out in caps?? I'll you what lens, my friends. A freaky wide angle fish eye lens... I'm like a pig in, well, you know what......

How have I survived without a wide angle in my kit for so long? Well to be honest I'm really not sure. But I'll tell you one thing, it's going to get a serious work out.

*sigh* Lens love *sigh*

Some pics from today:

And some not so fishy-eyed ones:


Sharon said...

I LOVE the fish eye shots!!! And I would love to know how you got that look from Hannah! She definitely will not do it for me!!

Thank you so much for joining me out there! I am completely in love with the spot, and I feel so much better not going out there cold tomorrow.

Christine Pobke said...

Love the fisheye shots!!! How FUN!!! You make me wanna go out and get one now! And location scouting is always awesome! :)

Liz said...

how awesome, I am very jealous. Lovely pics, lovely location, lovely lens :)

Karen P said...

Love these, looks like a great location and the kids are gorgeous! Love those fisheye shots :D

Karen Pfeiffer

Belinda Cook said...

Very cool shots, love that look from little Hannah too, she is precious!

Brooke said...

OMG! What happened to Ivy? She looks so grown up all of a sudden!

Melody G said...

Pure awesomeness Mandy!

LOVIN the lens. So jealous!

Great shots too!

Rana said...

Awesome shots, now I want a fisheye even more than I did before!

Bekie Marie said...

Jealous much??!! lol
Awesome shots & locations!

I'm desperate to add a wide angle to my kit! :o)

Renee Bell said...

*sigh* id love a fish eye lens....