Sunday, 14 February 2010

Anne+Hugh | Melbourne wedding photographer

Anne and Hugh. Two gorgeous people, both inside and out. I photographed them and their equally gorgeous daughter Miah, last year. Plus a whole bunch of their family. Plus their new niece!! I feel like we're old chums, and I love that! That's exactly the sort of relationships I love to have with my clients... To be welcomed into their lives, and see their families grow and change, is a real blessing.

Well since the last time I saw these 2 crazy kids, they have another beautiful daughter on the way and went and got themselves married!! Yes I cried. Yes I do that a lot at weddings :-) I was so moved with how both their children were included in the ceremony, Hugh's tender touch on Anne's tummy, the way they adore each other.


Anyway, on with the pics!!!!

I hope you enjoy your preview Anne and Hugh. I had such a lovely afternoon with you all. We'll talk soon xox

Starting with the B+G. Aww...


Jac said...

oh lordy lordy look at the rings!! And the purple...and of course the happiness you captured. Oh my! Luv-er-ly!

Anne-Marie said...

Wow! Mandy. once again a fabulous set :) our house is going to be filled with your work :) Thank you so much for being a part of our day, its so nice to have a photographer that we feel knows us and that makes us feel so comfortable (especially as we are so not comfortable being in the spotlight) Especially love the one of Miah.. for a busy girl you managed to catch such a beautiful shot.. Cant wait to see the rest :) thanks again!

Lauren said...

Mandy, you see things through a lense that no one else sees. You take the most beautiful photo's. Your work is always amazing!

gemma said...

These are gorgeous! you have really captured the emotion of the day.

Anonymous said...

Mandy, every one is suberb as usual. I adore the one of AM, Hugh and Miah together where she's smiling at the camera! So beautiful. You really have an amazing gift. - Lara

Fiona Rogerson said...

Beautiful! Such a gorgeous set!!

Sharon Mallin said...

These are gorgeous Mandy - beautifully captured. The couple will be thrilled to bits!

Liz M said...

beautiful shots Mandy. Such amazing colours

Micka said...

Anne you looked stunning on your special day.

Hugh you did real well mate and I hope for the best for both of your children :D

Hannah said...

I can't believe I didn't see these before - they're gorgeous, hon! Amazing work!