Monday, 7 December 2009

Catch up time....

... I have THREE blog posts coming tonight!!! Yup... I've been a busy bee, and working my little bum off to get everything sorted for Christmas.

Here is post #1!

This gorgeous and squishy little bean had me clucking all the way home after our shoot! She was oh so adorable and so very accommodating! Ahh, newborn bliss!!! And her big sister was just as spunky! She loved showing me her cubby house, picking flowers etc, and I seriously could have photographed her all day.

Asher and India... you two make me smile from ear to ear!

Rachel, enjoy these, and I'll be in touch soon with the rest of your gallery!

*cluck cluck*

RF_0173 copy

RF_0019 copy

RF_0097 copy

RF_0081 copy


Janet Palmer said...

What a pair of sweethearts :)

Narrelle said...

Love these. That squishy little mouth is just divine!

gemma Higgins-Sears said...

OMG those lips...
stunning images. love on on the stairs... there is so much in that image...