Monday, 7 December 2009


... And this one brings a tear to my eye.

This beautiful lassy is my very dear friend's sister-in-law. She called me a couple of weeks ago about getting a shoot done at her "little slice of heaven" up the Hume Highway, just outside Kilmore. The story here is that Kim and Az are moving out of their paradise (after only having lived there for 12 months) to be closer to home, work, friends, family and of course their new niece Holly. The commute into town everyday was just getting too much for them.

As I drove up the dirt laneway towards their home, I was left speechless. The beautiful sunset light, the shimmering flare through the trees, the horses, the grass... All of it. I could see why Kim loves this place SO much, and why she wanted a shoot there to remind her of her spiritual home.

I actually cried when I left their shoot. I was so touched that Kim asked me to photograph their "place" and record forever the beauty of it. I was also very heartbroken for them, it must have been a tough choice.

So anyway, after that ramble, I will now let the photos tell the rest of the story.

Kim and Az, I truly hope I have done these justice, because you (and your home) deserve it.

Big love xox

KS_0151 copy

KS_0116 copy

KS_0064 copy

KS_0237 copy

KS_0218 copy

KS_0137 copy


Janet Palmer said...

beautiful, must have been a very hard decision to leave... that sunflare with the horses is still my fav.. :)

Peta said...

Just beautiful, the light is stunning.

Susan said...

WOW! that image with the horses is so breathtaking! Love all of these.

Narrelle said...

Totally gorgeous - I'm sure they'll be wrapt with these.
We'll be building not too far out of Kilmore soon (I hope) - I can understand why they love it so much out that way. Hope the move's not too hard on them. :(

gemma Higgins-Sears said...

wow, those first time images are just fantastic... absolutely love them. LOVE your b+w's. just gorgeous.

dani said...

sigh.........amazing Mandy!