Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tra la la, a day at the beach!

Headed down the highway to Ocean Grove on Monday for a shoot with the lovely Lisa and her family. Beach shoots are very novel for me - with no beach anywhere near me ordinarily, I always jump at the chance to get my feet sandy and wet!

Our shoot was to commemorate little Rohan's first birthday, which was the following day. Sooo cute and a cheeky grin to boot!!

I always have a giggle when I suggest to clients that we head into the backyard and they freak out because the grass hasn't been mown! DON'T MOW THE GRASS!! I have a weakness for shots of long grass, and anyone who's had a shoot with me before can testify how much I love it. Yes, it's a sickness...

Hello, my name is Mandy and I am addicted to shooting in long grass.

Anyway! Here are some shots of the day. I had many favourites to choose from, so had to narrow it down to just a couple.

Enjoy Lisa!! And Happy Birthday to Rohan for Tuesday xox

0179 copy

0069 copy

0504 copy

0258 copy

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making the kids so comfortable. They were able to be themselves and you captured that brilliantly.