Saturday, 3 October 2009

Bad blogger...

I'm trying desperately to catch up with all my work. I'm sooo behind... (SORRY)

Last weekend (yes the freezing cold revolting weekend from hell - except that the Cats won the grand final *YIPPEE*) I headed out to get some family shots of a long time friend and her family. Her Nan recently celebrated her 80th birthday, so we had all the fam there, including FOUR GENERATIONS of girls - how awesome is that?!?

I had a great time with them, even though we were all frozen solid.

Thanks heaps Janelle for asking me to capture these shots for your Nan... I hope you like your preview!

JW_0003 copy
JW_0002 copy

JW_0152 copy

JW_0082 copy

JW_0128 copy


Sharon said...

Lovely work! I LOVE the two colour family shots!

Renee Bell said...

gorgeous ... what a special day to have 4 generations photographed!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. I bet they love them.
kris McCann

Natalie said...

beautiful family shots :) How fantastic to beable to capture 4 generations too.

(happy 80th birthday to their Nan too :)